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Another vineyard stroll in pictures

Posted by Sabine 01 Apr 2011

Time for another drive-by-shooting of the Lake Constance vineyard that just happens to be the old stopping-place between home and the grandparents' place. So same place, same photographer. This time with a bit more of a wintry feeling, but also scattered signs of approaching spring.

Snowdrops - Spring creeping up on a winter vineyardSnowdrops - Spring creeping up on a winter vineyard

No, not even a late-late harvest. It's over for 2010No, not even a late-late harvest. It's over for 2010


Beautiful Pics! Cheers


They are indeed beautiful. I particularly love the snowdrops.

The pictures must have been

The pictures must have been taken somewhere half way betweeen Meersburg and Hagnau. The building seen on the third one from top is probably Weinstube Haltnau. My wife and I are regular visitors of the lake and regular buyers of lake wines. We have been there every year since 1994 and won't stop even after moving to the UK. Weingut Aufricht is near that half-timbered tower. Will visit again in May to buy wine, especially the rose from Seegut Kress in Hagnau. Looking forward to it.



Thank you for your nice comments.
And yes, Ulrich, full points!

This just makes a perfect stop on our route to visit family.
In december we stopped in Meersburg, and to complete the picture this is the view from Staatsweingut Meersburg towards the Kriegerdenkmal Lerchenberg in the background in the middle.

We already showed the view from Lerchenberg, looking west towards Meersburg and east towards Weingut Aufricht and Hagnau.


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