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A Merry Wine Rambling Christmas 2013

Posted by Torsten 25 Dec 2013

We don't know what you will be drinking this Christmas - rumour has it at least one of the Wine Ramblers will betray his country by opening a French wine - but as long as you enjoy it and have a truly Merry Christmas it doesn't matter!

So, a Merry Christmas to you all from the Wine Ramblers and from the Munich Santa, who promised to bring many exciting wine presents to all of us.

rumour confirmed!

Would love to dispel the rumour, but it is true. There was a fling with a Crémant du Jura, but I made good my lapse with a wonderful 2007 Lemberger "Hades" from of Fürst Hohenlohe-Oehringen.

Happy new year, everybody!

the other rumour

Hm, it seems we both ventured afar then... I had an encounter with the Loire!