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grape juice

Posted by Sabine 06 Jun 2009

Looking for an alternative to lemon or vinegar as an acidic ingredient when wine is going to be served? An excellent option is Verjus, that is (literally) green juice from unripely harvested grapes. Compared to vinegar the acid is milder and 'rounder', the flavour is fruity and more complex than that of lemons. Being common in the middle ages it gradually fell into oblivion and gains increasing popularity in the culinary scene only recently. We were curious and tested Austrian Verjus today:

Posted by Sabine 29 May 2009

Wine and pregnancy don't go together too well. Which leaves grape juice. We have that at home from time to time anyway since our son (4) is partial to it. Today's juice, though, had little to do with the grape juice you normally get:

Weingut im Zwölberich, Spätburgunder Traubensaft 2008Weingut im Zwölberich, Spätburgunder Traubensaft 2008