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Virgin Media

Posted by Torsten 10 Aug 2012

The principles of good customer service are the same in any industry, be it the wine trade - or media and cable services. Issues may and will arise, it is how you deal with them. Over the past four months, Virgin Media have failed me in an impressive way with regards to customer service. Whether sharing my story via this open email will make Virgin Media reconsider their approach I am not sure, but at least it should inform or, all else failing, entertain others.

Dear Virgin Media,

This is a lengthy email, but it also chronicles a lengthy story of bad service, broken promises and days of my time wasted by Virgin Media – all for nothing.

"Deal or Deal", Gene Hunt, CC BY 2.0"Deal or Deal", Gene Hunt, CC BY 2.0

The short version starts with a ‘special’ deal to recognise me having been with Virgin for almost five years and ends after 7 visits of Virgin engineers, days wasted waiting, hours on the phone and broken promises – only to be finally told that my issue could not be addressed as Virgin Media is not capable of delivering clear TV quality anyway. Needless to say it also involves me paying money for this loyalty reward.