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Reports from wine tastings and wine events - those that we have attended and also some of our Wine Rambler tastings.
Posted by Julian 15 Mar 2009

E.W. Polz, Südsteiermark, had two great Sauvignon Blancs on display:
The 2008 "Steinbach" (27,50) had enormous zest and spritziness, a burst of green flavours like a flowering meadow in may, mint, cassis.
The 2007 "Hochgrassnitzberg" (27,50) had been left to age with the yeast for a year longer, and was completely different: Yellow flavours, creamy, yellow peppers maybe, something that tasted like nutty oak but wasn't, as I was assured no barriques had been used. Very intense as well.

Stefan Potzinger, also Südsteiermark, convinced me less. His 2008 Morillon (=Chardonnay) "Ratsch" (13,90) was nice, but boring, and his 2007 Sauvignon blanc "Joseph" (26,90) was wildly overoaked - no comparison with the spicy and lively one by Polz. [read the full post...]

Posted by Julian 15 Mar 2009

Posh Munich fine food retailer Dallmayr for a few years now has had two wine tastings a year: A larger overview of German and Austrian wines in the spring, and a smaller selection of wines from all over the world in autumn. Nicely set in Munich's old city hall, they're rare chances to get a first glimpse at that year's yachting and horse riding fashion trends (always comes in handy), as well as knock yourself out on pricey wines you would not otherwise get to taste. Admission is 20 € which includes free snack foods that - to Dallmayr's credit - are quite delicious.

Wine rambler, as always, sent an inconspicuous taster to investigate. [read the full post...]

Posted by Torsten 02 Aug 2008

In June 2008, London was invaded by Germans. Twice. And I was in the thick of it. It all started with an announcement by the guys from The Winery, one of my favourite London wine shops:

Ryanair allowing, two growers from the Mosel will be joining us for the evening, each top of their stylistic trees, masters of their dangerously steep slopes, each with global reputations. Clemens Busch, the dry Riesling guru from Punderich and Theo Haart, the fruity Riesling specialist from Piesport.

Posted by Torsten 01 May 2008

I was excited to learn that Wines of the World would host a big wine tasting event on the weekend my friend Oliver visited from Munich. I bought two tickets and off we went.

The tasting was in a small hall in the primary school just round the corner. They had eight tables with wine and sparkling and a mixed table that had ale, cider and cognac. The whole setting almost looked like a school fair and we were expecting children running around and teachers giving marks for the best science project.

The event started at 12pm and when we arrived it was only nine wine merchants starring at us and a handful of locals. Two hours later the place was packed with the trendy Clapham crowd.