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Chateau Cambon, Beaujolais, 2009

Posted by Julian 18 Jul 2011

This spring, I discovered Beaujolais. The really astonishing thing in retrospect is how ignorant I was before I stumbled upon one, whereas you of course don't need me to tell you that good Beaujolais, high-end Beaujolais, is to cheap supermarket Beaujolais as Liebfraumilch is to great-growth Riesling. Yawn.

So I can probably keep it short: Beaujolais yummy. Chateau Cambon yummy, too?

Shining red colour. Sweet cherry juice in the nose, cherry and spice cake.
On the palate pure cherry fruit, silky body, hardly a trace of oak or tannin, but still not without structure, kept up not least by just the right dose of acidity.

A purist, eloquently fruity red, too good to make more extensive notes on, apparently. At the danger of repeating myself: Yummy.

Not having tasted the wine, I

Not having tasted the wine, I can obviously not comment on what is the most important part, but I like the shape of the label (and how it has been photographed). For the price it seems to be good value too (the wine, not the label!).


I had the same one on 2 occasions already. While it's a nice example it is still not as convincing as Marcel Lapierre's Morgon 2009. Delicious stuff. The Cambon, to me, is a bit the "wet socks" wine of Lapierre.. ;) Cheers

new to me

Surprisingly, I wasn't aware that Lapierre had a side-thing going on. From Alex's comment, I assume this is a natural wine as well? (ie. no sulfites)

new to you? no waaay!

Check this one, Didier: Well, it feels more "naturel" than the other one. :P

Notepad out

Don't mind me, Alex and Didier. I'm just sitting here notepad in hand and writing down every word you say. Seems there's still a great deal for me to learn about Beaujolais.

Whereas I don't even need the

Whereas I don't even need the notepad, as Julian is doing all the information collection work here. Which is fair enough as I am just writing up notes on the recent Mosel-Saar-Ruwer tasting, and deciphering my handwriting is actually impossible (juggling the camera at tastings does not exactly help either). I need an assistant to help me with this work here in London. Anyway, I will shut up again, lest I take us off-topic.