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Emrich-Schönleber, Rivaner trocken, 2007

Posted by Torsten 25 Jul 2009

Very pale colour; a few tiny bubbles. The nose is very closed at first, some mineral, flowery notes; later also aniseed. A seriously dry wine, the Emrich-Schönleber combines strong, sharp dry acidity with vegetable notes, a hint of liquorice and a broadside of bitterness.

This is a serious wine with character and some class. While I appreciate wines with attitude, this one leaves a certain heartburn sensation on my palate that forced me to give up soon. I am sure there is someone out there who, especially with the right food, will appreciate this wine. However, that someone is not me.

four days later

The Rivaner is holding up very well after almost four days in the fridge. You have to give the winemaker credit for creating a wine in the entry level stage that lasts that long without suffering in the least taste-wise. Sadly, that does not recommend it to me as it still feels quite bitter.