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Markus Molitor, Trabacher Schloßberg Spätburgunder trocken unfiltriert, 2001

Posted by Torsten 01 Jun 2009

It has been quite a while since I tasted the sibling of this wine, the Graacher Himmelreich Spätburgunder of the same vintage; so sadly, I cannot really compare them against each other. What I can say though is that both are excellent Pinot Noirs.

The Trabacher Schloßberg ('Schloßberg' means 'castle mountain') comes in the massive bellied bottle Molitor use for their burgundy style wines. The Pinot has great colour, a very nice, intense earthy brown. The nose is gentle, very autumnal, but also fleshy; it showcases black truffle, rotten leaves, a hint of tobacco and black cherries, with a pleasant bit of vanilla and cocoa.

In the mouth, the Spätburgunder is very refined, with pleasant, fresh acidity. It is nicely structured, with well rounded cherries and a hint of fresh minerality. Because of its acidity it feels young and fresh, while it is also silky and shows its age through its refinement.

A wonderfully sophisticated wine that demonstrates that the Mosel region can produce outstanding Pinot Noir.


Es fand eine Dame aus Traben,
dass Trabach zwei "r" sollte haben.
Sie traritrarate,
und tatütatate,
bis alle sich endlich ergaben.

Markus Molitor 2005 Spatsburgunder Brauenberger Mandelgraben

Had this last week at an inn in Mulheim. Loved it - hope we can find this producer's work in the states. Do you know who might carry his wines in Maryland?

Molitor USA

Molitor has an excellent selection of wines and I am sure you will find more Pinot noirs you would like (and do not forget the great Rieslings and Pinot blancs). Molitor does deliver to the UK, so they might also ship directly to the US; have a look at their website: or drop them an email at You can also try, but I am not sure about Maryland specific options.