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Ökonomierat Rebholz, Sauvignon Blanc, trocken, 2009

Posted by Torsten 19 Oct 2010

'A bit quirky', that was the comment I got from Twitter when I recently mentioned German Sauvignon Blanc. Chances are, you will not have had one (unless you are German, perhaps); you may not even have heard that there is such an animal. Well, there is, albeit not very much, which makes those wines a little hard to find outside of Germany. That should not stop you though as they can be worth the trouble - if they are as good as this baby coming from the very German sounding winery Ökonomierat Rebholz.

The colour is a pale strawish one, oscilating between greener and browner bits; not as pretty as the label, but still nice to look at. What really strikes you though is the bouquet that just screams fruit galore. You get really strong currant, apple, gooseberry, passion fruit and grass aromas, all very very fresh; you can almost smell the crisp acidity. As you can smell the flinty minerality. On the tongue the fruit rampage continues (currant galore), in a really good interplay between fruit and acidity. Together with the very noticeable minerality this generates an intense experience that never loses focus though.

While the Rebholz is very fruity, it is also very dry: 6.5g of acidity stand against just 0.5 g of residual sugar. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Germany does not only do Sauvignon Blanc, it also does really dry. And all of the above come together in a very good wine.