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Reichsgraf und Marquis zu Hoensbroech, Blauer Limberger, 2007

Posted by Julian 19 Sep 2010

Nice try, Reichsgraf zu Hoensbroech, but you cannot fool the ever-alert Wine Rambler! We know that your whimsically named "Blauer Limberger" is no other grape than Lemberger, known in Austria as - say it with me - Blaufränkisch. In Germany, Lemberger has its home in Württemberg, to which the Reichsgraf's Baden sub-region of Kraichgau is very close.

Very light cherry red. Strawberries and earth, brushwood, red currants in the nose. Very light and smooth, but also surprisingly dry and spicy on the palate: Currants again, as well as the typical tart juniper notes characteristic of the grape.

A good and original wine to pair with light food, this is not quite in the same class as Hoensbroech superb Pinot Gris. Very elegant and purist in what emerges as this winery's trademark style - but at the end of the day a little too light (for a red, that is) to be seriously impressive.