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Reinhold Haart, Piesporter Goldtröpfchen, Riesling Spätlese, 2001

Posted by Torsten 25 Aug 2009

If you like aged Riesling, if you want a perfectly balanced, well rounded wine, if you crave the sensation of a wine that makes your palate feel smooth and peachy - go for this gem from the Mosel. Followers of the Wine Rambler will have noticed that we do tend to like the fruity Rieslings Theo Haart makes and this one is no exception. It is, in fact, the oldest Haart we have tasted for the Rambler and it demonstrates the potential of these wines.

The nose is not very intense. Imagine wet stone with strong mineral layers, marinated in creamy milk, spiced up with a few drops of petrol and finished off with finely chopped, cool herbs. Very delicate and smooth. In the mouth the Haart is extremely well balanced, not too sweet, despite being quite peachy. Very smooth and mineral creamy, it leaves the sensation of having enjoyed a delicious creamy peach fruit candy all over your mouth, with just the tiniest hint of spice and the wisdom a good Riesling gains with age.

This wine left me very happy and sad. Happy to have tasted it. And sad that I do not have a few more of these gems stored somewhere so that I could see them develop further over the next decade.