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Salwey, Weißburgunder & Chardonnay, 2008

Posted by Torsten 06 Mar 2010

I have written about so many Salwey wines recently, I almost feel bad to pay that much attention to a single producer. Almost, I said, because Salweys know what they are doing and I am in a Pinot (Noir, Blanc, Gris) phase anyway. So I will keep it sweet and short today in order not to repeat myself. Here it is, a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc/Weißburgunder:

Think of this wine as a clear cut, not overly sophisticated Pinot Blanc with lots of fresh acidity and some edge. The bouquet starts out very fresh, thanks to the acidity, with aromas of stone fruit, citrus and some banana, all embedded in a milky-stoniness with almost earthy undertones (and my usual blue Nivea hand lotion reaction to Pinot Blanc). On the tongue, the wine delivers what the aromas promise - very fresh and lively with lots of acidity and a decent finish.

Of the last few Salweys I tried, this is probably the one I was least excited about. It did not quite have the substance of the Pinot Gris and was not quite as light and summery-fresh as the Riesling-Silvaner blend - so it sits somewhere in the middle for me. Having said that, it is not doubt a good wine, it just so happens that the competition was fierce. I can see it going very well with lighter, fresh food.