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Schlosskellerei Von Schubert, Maximin Grünhäuser Herrenberg Riesling Kabinett, 2007 (half bottle)

Posted by Julian 26 Jun 2009

Mosel Tributary with 5 letters? RUWER

Rieslings from the Ruwer are known for their strong acidity and their slim elegance. From the Schlosskellerei (more commonly known as Maximin Grünhaus), one of the three top estates from there, comes this delightful cabinet:

It smells very freshly of candied lemon peel, slate and freshly chopped green herbs. Perfect harmony of carefully dosed sweetness, fresh acidity and minerality in the mouth, green leaves again, the tiniest touch of honey (or is it flower petal?). Extremely elegant and appetizing, although it doesn't really have a lot of fruit (no peaches, nothing exotic), this virtually evaporated from my glass.

Fascinating how there are completely different styles of winemaking, even within one region, grape and category: I got into sweet german Rieslings with winemakers of the middle mosel, and thus a more generous and voluptuous style (Molitor and Schloss Lieser, Haart to some extent). This here seems to me an elegant perfection of a more austere traditional style rather than the quest for density and intensity - more Doc Watson than Gram Parsons. But I'm rambling...

I particularly want to commend this winery for offering almost all of their wines in half bottles. This was one, and the price refers to that.

Too many wines I want to try.....

and I do like half bottles