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Weingut Bercher, Burkheimer Feuerberg, Weißburgunder Kabinett trocken, 2007

Posted by Julian 01 Oct 2009

The wine rambler could not agree more to the statement from the excellent german WeinPlus online wine guide "Year after year, Bercher impresses us with their completely unpretentious, yet deep and expressive wines".

This mid-range single vineyard Pinot Blanc justifies the praise with effortless precision wine making: Dense straw colour, a nose of caramel, buttered biscuits and melon juice spilled over hot stones. Dense, polished fruit in the mouth, mineral background, good acidity, and above all, a freshness and drinkeability that is not a matter of course, the Kaiserstuhl almost having turned into a hot-climate wine region in recent years.

I love this wine for its effortless balance. I cant't imagine a Pinot Blanc being done better, and would prefer this by far over the heftier top-range "Große Gewächse". But then, what do I know?

"and melon juice spilled over hot stones" ...

...I am not quite sure what you are doing with your melons over there, but it definitely seems you had fun with this wine. Shame I wasn't there!

"melon juice spilled over hot stones"

My new wine prose do-it-yourself kit came complete with a flask of melon juice and some heatable stones. Wine rambler should start marketing those...

Last one

Had the third and, sadly, last bottle of this with a nice pumkin soup. A poem, as we say in german.

Re: Last one

And I never had a chance to try one! ;-)