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Weingut Bercher, Burkheimer Feuerberg Weißburgunder Spätlese trocken, Großes Gewächs, 2004

Posted by Julian 22 Jul 2009

No one in their right mind would open a 14.5 % wine on a hot summer evening, I know, but we had a chicken in a wonderful creamy tarragon sauce to take care of, we needed a heavy hitter, so I took a desperate gamble. It was a crazy plan, but it might just have worked...

In the nose, classic pinot blanc: honeydew melon, salted almonds, biscuit, a hint of dried herbs. In the mouth, think - and I've had time to think, tasting this on the second day - think melon again, artichokes, aloe skin cream. Now coat this mixture in white chocolate with salted pistachio pieces, and you have it - it's a meal, really.

And just when this powerful, focused wine seemed headed for greatest pinot blanc ever, as it got a little warmer in the glass, the malt and herbal liquor notes from the alcohol started coming in, pulling it out of balance. Shame, but while 14.5% are just unacceptable and no two ways about it, this is of course complaining on a very high level.

I got lucky on eBay with a couple of bottles of this. I'm uneasy about bargain hunting, because it has its dangers (a good many boring italian and spanish reds that were frankly a waste of time, for example), but I can't deny that paying much less than a wine is worth adds to the enjoyment.

Now Bercher needs to do something about alcohol levels, and they have a killer.

Weingut Bercher, Burkheimer Feuerberg Weißburgunder Spätlese tro

I received a bottle for Christmas from my neighbour.A wine new to me.A lovely pinot blanc, Weingut Bercher, Burkheimer Feuerberg Weißburgunder Spätlese trocken, Großes Gewächs, 2004.Full-bodied dry white wine (14.5%), with the classic characteristics of pinot blanc,gets more complex as you drink it.This is a powerful wine – some may find it a little heavy – but matched with strong food it’s a delight. I thoroughly enjoyed. Difficult to find ( the 2008 is easier) but retailing at about £8 it's a good price for a good wine.