When the postman rings twice...

When the postman rings twice...

You may find a wonderful surprise delivered to your doorstep! I can already say I am going to enjoy this. A lot!

Submitted by Sabine Tuesday, 09/02/2010

The Salweys on parade. Lord Salway (in the middle?), with his entourage. Oh, there's something wrong with the one in the middle. You already seem to be getting aquainted, aren't you?

Submitted by torsten Wednesday, 10/02/2010

In reply to by Sabine

Trust me, it is only a perception issue. Hiding behind 'Lord' Salwey is another bottle that makes it appear like I had sampled some of the Pinot. I have not. But I intend to do so soon! Trust me on that too.

Submitted by Sabine Wednesday, 17/02/2010

In reply to by torsten

This could be the first winerambler blog givaway: "What's that bottle hiding in the middle?" A question for those having a sharp eye and a quick wit...