Edition Fritz Keller, Rosé, 2008

Edition Fritz Keller, Rosé, 2008

Is this the first rosé review on this blog? I'm nervous...

Very pretty salmon-copper-colour. Much lighter than the really pink stuff, but far from the dull brownish-orange that you get in many german rosés.

Smells very much like a german white, fresh and faintly stony, plus a hint of watermelon and wild strawberries, but you really have to try hard to smell the fruit - it's not an overwhelming nose.

The mouthfeel is defined by very strong acidity that keeps the somewhat thin fruit in a steely grip, but good structure and length on the palate. It's surprisingly fresh and as far away from an easy-sipping rosé as you can get.

This is most definitely not for red wine drinkers who love the more fruity stuff on hot days, but for lovers of steely whites who can handle and appreciate the acidity and the tightness. If you know what you're in for, this is a fun wine, and perfect with a crisply baked alsatian Flammkuchen (think pizza, but with sour cream, onions and bacon instead of the tomato and salami)- one of my very favourite supermarket foods.


Submitted by Sabine Sunday, 19/07/2009

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We can have Flammkuchen next time you're around, Torsten.
Indeed, a perfect match for this Rosé.