Markus Molitor, Pinot Blanc Haus Klosterberg, 2007

Markus Molitor, Pinot Blanc Haus Klosterberg, 2007

The yellow foil combined with the greenish glass of the bottle give this Pinot Blanc a warm and friendly appearance, while the simple label indicates that this wine is part of the entry level range of Molitor wines.

The colour is a shiny, clean yellow with a hint of green. The nose is difficult. Difficult? Well, when we first opened the bottle it was nice and fresh, but also felt a little perfumed with noticeable honeydew melon and, at least in my nose, nivea hand-cream. While this is not necessarily bad, it was a bit too much for some of us, despite the more crisp, fresh acidity of green apples that was also present. However, three days after we opened the bottle on Friday this perfumed quality is pretty much gone, giving the wine a much drier feel. On the palate this Weißburgunder is smooth, despite the fresh acid, and tastes of apple, melon (peach?) and some caramel in the finish.

At first I was a little sceptical because of the slightly irritating perfume note that made the wine much fruitier than I had hoped for. However, after a little wait it developed nicely and would go nicely with food - for some reason I think of a terrace just after sunset and some peaches.


Submitted by Julian Tuesday, 18/08/2009

Nivea cream aromatics in Pinot Blanc are definitely out there - I had them recently in a 2004 dry Spätlese from Bercher.

Submitted by torsten Saturday, 12/09/2009

I opened a second bottle of this wine tonight and was really surprised. Last time we had it as part of a wine tasting and the Molitor seemed almost perfumed to some of us. Now it felt a drier and not perfumed at all - it just shows how much the context impacts on your perception of a wine.