Schlosskellerei von Schubert, Maximin Grünhäuser Herrenberg, Riesling Alte Reben trocken, 2009

Schlosskellerei von Schubert, Maximin Grünhäuser Herrenberg, Riesling Alte Reben trocken, 2009

My fellow Wine Rambler Torsten has instructed me to stick to this blog's core concern, which is German wine, and also to be on my general best behaviour, because a few more winemakers, fellow bloggers and wine business people may look in here these days. Maybe even, nudge nudge, a couple of German wine queens. As to why that is, that will be duly revealed, much to my intense envy, in a few days' time. In the meantime, no Bordeaux, no ill-fated Burgundy projects and no wines dug out of the trash bin.

Instead, if it please your majesties, a German classic:

A "green" and very spicy-herbal nose on this dry Riesling from one of the three leading producers in this very significant sub-region of the Mosel (the others being Karthäuserhof and Karlsmühle): Candied lemons, lemon balm, chervil, slate. Black currants on the palate (that's Ruwer for you), elderflower, even juniper berries, fresh acidity, but with a touch of honey sweetness, and to finish it off, a hint, just a hint, of bitterness.

Let me repeat: a classic. Not crazy value, nor the greatest Riesling that ever walked this earth, but a stylish classic nonetheless.


Submitted by Lars Carlberg Wednesday, 12/10/2011

Maximin Grünhaus is my favorite Ruwer producer. The von Schuberts' wines have breed, nuance, and character. I especially like their dry and off-dry Rieslings, including the two Alte Reben trocken (formerly designated Spätlese trocken) and the Superior bottlings from Abtsberg and Herrenberg.

Karthäuserhof is well known, but I'm unsure if Karlsmühle is the third leading producer. Their wines have been hit and miss lately. It might be von Beulwitz. There is also the large von Kesselstatt estate and the tiny van Elkan property each with parcels in Kaseler Nies'chen.

Submitted by torsten Thursday, 13/10/2011

I find it very interesting that it seems you need to be instructed to be on your best behaviour! Surely, a Wine Rambler is always well behaved... And for the rest let me just add that a) it may be more than a couple of days as I am just about to disappear into my first proper holiday of the year and b) I need to drink more Ruwer (traditionally it is Saar or Mosel for me).