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Salwey, Weißburgunder, Kabinett trocken, 2008

Posted by Torsten 09 Sep 2010

And yet again I am drinking a Pinot from sun-kissed Baden; this time it is a Pinot Blanc, known in Germany as Weißburgunder (=white Burgundy). As I have written a lot about the producer, the Salwey family recently, I will keep this introduction short and jump right into the wine:

The bouquet is a mixture of melon and apple - Bramley apple, in particular -, with earthy mineral, soft notes of hand lotion and, surprisingly, the faintest hint of petrol. Light, smooth and enticing.

On the tongue the Weißburgunder is a little bitter, with vegetable notes, carefully balanced by melodic fruit and a soft undercurrent of mineral and acidity; also a good finish.

A pleasant, very likeable wine that is unlikely to improve any more (it had already lost some focus on the second day). So if you have some, drink it now especially while there is still a hint of summer around...