Learn to taste German Riesling in London

Learn to taste German Riesling in London

I just received this email from the guys at The Winery - go, if you have a chance, as they are both fun and knowledgeable:

Last week’s German Riesling module sold out so quickly we had to schedule a second one for next month.

You are invited to The Winery Wine Course on Tuesday 25th August, in which we will be focusing on the glories of German Riesling.

We will be exploring variations and nuances of different regions such as the Mosel, Rheingau and Nahe.

We will revel in its transparent expression of terroir – the steep slate slopes of the Mosel or the softer inclines of the historic Rheingau.

We will unravel some of the complexities - the levels of the Pradikat system, QbA, Kabinett, Spatlese – and such "basics" as German wine labelling, which there is nothing basic about!

While concentrating on the dry styles, we will also taste a couple of fruity wines including a 1976 Spatlese to marvel at how magnificently they age.

As usual, the module will open with a short introduction to wine-tasting technique to help everyone impress even the most snooty sommelier.

The tasting will start at 19.30h and again take place in the back room of Kandoo Restaurant at 458 Edgware Road. There will be some Persian bread during the tasting and a round of starters as we close.

We hope you are able to join us for this unique and special evening. If you do, we're sure you'll come away as bonkers about German wines as us.

With tickets at £30, places are very limited. To book, please call us on 020 7286 6475 or reply to this email.

Other upcoming events are our August Tasting at Clifton Nurseries on Wednesday 12th August with tickets at £25, and our September Tasting at our shop in Clifton Road which is scheduled for Wednesday 16th September.

David (Motion), Richard, Giorgio, Debbie, Rob, David (Clawson) and our German intern, Mosel winemaker Gerrit Walter.

The Winery
020 7286 6475 T