Mövenpick's picks: some german wines from 06, 07 and 08

Mövenpick's picks: some german wines from 06, 07 and 08

Some short and fairly random notes on wines carried by Mövenpick Weinkeller and offered today in a tasting in their south Munich shop (or rather, temple):

Schubertsche Schlossk. (whatever that stands for...), 07 Herrenberg Riesling Spätlese trocken: Green flavours, tight acidity, somewhat green and bitter.

Schubertsche Schlossk, 08 Riesling Abtsberg Alte Reben trocken: Very spicy smell, fresh green herbs, fairly ripe, fresh. Very good.

Schloss Lieser, 08 Riesling trocken: Typical, slatey smell, but very plush at the same time. Not too refined, but good, fairly priced.

Fritz Haag, 08 Brauneberger Riesling Kabinett trocken: slim, very fresh, great to drink, old school.

Markus Molitor, 07 Wehlener Klosterberg Pinot Blanc *: My favourite. Like a great dry Riesling on a cushion of almond biscuits. Not surprisingly, this is fantastic.

Georg Mosbacher, 08 Riesling Kabinett trocken: Tight and fresh, straight citrus, a bit simple, but effective.

Emrich-Schönleber, 08 Monzinger Frühlingsplätzchen Riesling trocken: Hardly any smell, too young, tastes serious and puristic, may be too young to taste.

Emrich-Schönleber, 08 Grauburgunder "S" trocken: Same thing, harmonious and fresh, but hardly any aroma.

Ziereisen, 06 Spätburgunder "Rhini": Sweet, very spicy, much oak, warmly nutty. Not my thing, best wait for their 07s, for which I have great expectations.

Egon Müller, 08 Riesling Qba Scharzhof: Elegance, elegance, elegance. Extremely understated sweetness, white silk, ludicrous pricing (no, not as in: ridiculously cheap...).

Willi Schaefer, 07 Graacher Dompropst Riesling Kabinett: Much sweeter than the Egon Müller, nice, but nothing special.

P.S.: Mövenpick tastings work on a pay-per-glass system (the wines reviewed here cost me 10 € altogether), with the benefit of more generous pouring, so wine ramblers unite...

Submitted by torsten Friday, 05/06/2009

Sounds like you had fun tonight! I was just looking into ordering some more of the 2006 Molitor, but as it seems the 2007 is fab too I should perhaps get a few bottles of that too.

Could the mysterious "Schlossk" perhaps be Schlosskellerei von Schubert? Or Schubert'sche Gutsverwaltung?

I think I had a Mosbacher Riesling a while ago (for some reason I did not take any notes though); from what I remember that was a straightforward and effectively simple wine for a good price.

Submitted by Julian Saturday, 06/06/2009

In reply to by torsten

"Schlossk." indeed seems to be the Schlosskellerei, more commonly known as "Maximin Grünhaus", one of the better known Ruwer estates - got to love their beautiful old-fashioned labels.