"This Riesling is as dry as the Germans" - Twitter wisdom on Riesling

"This Riesling is as dry as the Germans" - Twitter wisdom on Riesling

Wine journalists, bloggers, trade people - sure they all love Riesling. But real people? What do they think about the world's most exciting white grape variety? You may think you know, but you have no idea. Over the past few months, a Wine Rambler covert investigation team infiltrated Twitter to uncover shocking evidence. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what people really think about Riesling.

Men in the know

riesling = skim milk, sauvignon blanc = whole milk, chardonnay = heavy cream

I can't stand sweet wines! Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, etc. nor the people that drink it! YUCK! Learn your wines people!!!!

Germany only have pinot noir and riesling. Don't ask me why.

Trollinger-Lemberger-Riesling hangovers are the worst.

careful! Riesling is like a woman= sweet but can give you a #headache if you have too much in one day!

The tough guys

Yes, bitch, I like Kung Fu girl riesling. No I don't buy it as a joke. Go fuck yourself sideways you pretentious c-word.

Fuck Cristal..... That's Riesling On My Breath


...in other news, that Riesling got me feeling quite frisky. too bad i'm home alone :-/

Riesling makes my "wobble wit it" super sexy #funfact

Anal is better than chocolate truffles and a sweet, crisp Riesling!

The lips the teeth the tip of the tongue look out gentlemen here I come... Riesling thy will be done...


1 Bottle of Riesling down. Shorts. Heels. Swag. Check.

Loving it / Hating it

"and a riesling". "a riesling, why not just drink battery acid".

Riesling. I like riesling. I like riesling a lot.

Riesling!!!!! You can't tell me nothing!!!!

Ugh, Riesling is so nasty. Bleh.

Mmm Riesling... The things you do to me...

oh riesling, you really are the love of my life.


Killin ma's wine cellar. The Riesling Flow.

Introduced last night to riesling's little friend. hit my head on the bathroom sink. giggled a lot. xo

To the man in Oddbins,I bought a Chilean Riesling because it compliments pasta dishes not because I want to get battered. I am 27 trust me!

Some KungFuGirl riesling after 2nd dance class of the day is making me forget all about that terrible faculty meeting.

The riesling just kept coming and this other passenger thought he was buying my drinks. So cute, but its free in 1st class

Livin' la Vida Loca


I want the following: a glass of German Riesling. To cuddle and kIss. A good movie. Some grapes. No migraine. Sleep. Thx!


Coltrane and Riesling on deck...yeeesssiiiiirrrr!! Ahhhh, relaxation!

Beasting off the Riesling and lobster burger!!!

biochimie et riesling

Like a virgin (3 tweets on one man's first Riesling experience)

Anyone had Riesling before, I have a full bottle in the fridge, my cousin was giving them away @ his wedding last nite!?!??
Fuck, this Riesling taste like sparking juice, imma end up fucking up this whole bottle TONITE, I swear! ..someone stop me
I had to hide the Riesling from myself, I downed half the fucking bottle, that sh!t is AMAZING !!!

The classy

Riesling is just the right mix, I also like a good sangria & chilled spumante

Sipping on some German Riesling! A lil somethin u might not know of. I tell u I show women the finer things n life


It can't always be Riesling Day. *serious face*

That was deep. That was a Riesling question.

Vineyard is sweet. Riesling is nice. The guitar player riffing on REM is not so great. Violates an intrinsic principle.

Riesling...it's not just for breakfast anymore - would make a great T-shirt

This german riesling is as dry as the germans

Ooo Riesling drip drip drip

I wish I had some bitter enemies. I'd pair them with a light Riesling. I'm on a sweet & savory kick.

OMG WTF!!! I drink Riesling with a splash of peach schapps.. I call it "Peachling" LOL!

My special friends

If u don't like Riesling u should probably seek therapy.

Drinking a 1991 Kloster Eberbach Rauenthal Baiken Riesling Eiswein. I could die right now and be a happy (and tipsy) man. Holy. Shit.

Riesling Haiku #2Like mountain water,Ethereal, intense,Riesling, I am yours. #rieslingrocks

Yes, I'll put that on my "to-do" list with "sleep" and "drink my weight in riesling".

Riesling is now my official wine. Don't know why it's different from other wines, don't much care either. Alls I know is I likes it.

mosel. riesling. duh.

Riesling vs Moscato - an American problem

Just said "Moscato" and "Riesling" in Roosevelt's bday house party and 4 black girls turned around. #workseverytime

Riesling or Moscato? #DecisionsDecisions

riesling > moscato ...point blank period.

this dumb ass waiter got me a glass of weak ass Moscato...i asked for riesling....this isnt gonna do it

Hanging out with the infamous Zakiya Lee...drinking Riesling because they didn't have Moscato.. ;-)

So I shouldve gotten the Riesling...sippin on Moscato.

I wish people had caught on when @kanyewest said "I'm beasting off the riesling" now that's a level higher than moscato


just realized, Kanye said "riesling" on "run this town", but y'all still gettin drunk off Drake's $10 sutter home moscato. missed reference?

Married Riesling life

when i first met her she was GREEN now she season, she like to drink what i drink she dont like to drink Riesling

My wife only drinks Riesling with spicy Thai food. She is wonderful and wrong.

Submitted by Alex Thursday, 14/04/2011

Hahaha! Excellent! Well done by the infiltration team! If Germans are as dry as Riesling, what are Americans then? And Italians or the French? Need to draw a wine personality map! Cheers

Submitted by Vimpressionniste Friday, 15/04/2011

In reply to by Alex

Great article!! It shows that Riesling isn't just for wine geeks. The women love it too ;)

@Alex, You know I'm always up for these games!!
I'd say we French are best represented by Syrah: refined, complex, with a slightly funky animal odor :)
Italians? Seductive and bubbly like an Asti Spumante!
Americans = Merlot. No explanation required.

PS: I've been meaning to mention that the spam verification for the comments doesn't show up the first time around (only after I click submit)

Submitted by Alex Friday, 15/04/2011

In reply to by Vimpressionniste

Well, since you mentioned animal stink. I think the French will embrace Vin Natural as their new identification! ;P

Merlot for "les américains"? I thought they dont want no f*** Merlot anymore?

So what about the British? Old Sherry? Understated masochism? ;P

Can be a fun game!

Submitted by Barry Thursday, 14/04/2011

One more reason why I never understand Twitter people...I'd get more sense from the Man on the Moon.
Anyone want his Facebook address?

Submitted by torsten Thursday, 14/04/2011

In reply to by Barry

To be fair to Twitter, Barry, I could have put together a completely different list with many useful links and interesting recommendations etc. However, I had decided not to include the various bloggers and wine trade people I follow in this exercise and instead look at random people's comments. Facebook works in a different way, but if you could monitor all comments on Riesling on FB I am sure you could come up with something similar.

Also, I love the idea of drinking my body weight in Riesling (well, may have done that already, but hey) and think that "mosel. riesling. duh." could make a wonderful advertising slogan for the US market!

Submitted by Barry Friday, 15/04/2011

Hi Thorsten..
not a fan of any of them...the start of the downfall when it comes to talking to people...and getting out and meeting folks. I don't want to know what Doris had for breakfast...and every 2 days a stupid footballer puts his foot in it again.
When they finally find a way for people to taste wine, virtually, on the net...they can lock me up!

Submitted by torsten Saturday, 16/04/2011

In reply to by Barry

It seems to be a common perception that people on Twitter only talk about the coffee they drink and when they cut their toe nails. I won't say this is wrong, as there are many people who do. In fact the amount of utterly boring and useless talk on Twitter is shocking. However, the seem goes for people you meet in the so called "real" life - ever listened to conversations on a bus? The advantage on Twitter is that you can search for the one who have something to say you like to hear. I have learned an awful lot via Twitter. It has created business opportunities for me. And, most importantly, I have made new, "real" friends because of Twitter, people I now also email, phone and visit. So don't underestimate it, Barry - it *can* work!

Submitted by Tom Lewis Friday, 15/04/2011

Aside from you inexplicably putting Twitter and wisdom in the same sentence, this shows just how under-appreciated Riesling is.

Which is a Good Thing for those of us who like it - dry and structured, yet ripe and mouthfilling with a long minerally finish, I still fail to understand why Wachau Smaragds are not more popular, but at least that means I can still afford to drink it.

Submitted by Barry Friday, 15/04/2011

Tom...please whisper it about the Wachau...or you'll get bus loads of Twitterers arriving in Austria and buying it by the case...

Submitted by Tom Lewis Friday, 15/04/2011

In reply to by Barry

Yes, Barry, you are right - one day it'll be as expensive as top white Burgundy and I'll only be able to dream of the days when I drank Prager, FX Pichler and Knoll.

Riesling - terrible stuff, don't go anywhere near it, people !It's vile and makes your toenails in-grown.