Wine Rambler goes supermarket wine

Wine Rambler goes supermarket wine

We are snobs. We are decadent. And we do look down upon you because you drink wine from Tesco or ASDA and you refuse to pay more than £3.50 for your wine.

Well, if you have this impression of the Wine Rambler then I am here to prove you wrong. Because we do also buy supermarket wine and we do not look down on others who do. The part about the us being snobs is right though.

So here it is, the new category supermarket wine. Under this label, we will focus on wines that you can get from the likes of Sainsbury, Tesco and ASDA, wine that is not necessary always super cheap, but certainly affordable.

As far as possible, we will aim to cover what German and also Austrian wine is available, but obviously the choice of German supermarket wine in the UK is limited - so expect a random selection of the good, the bad and the ugly.

And today starts with the very ugly, the infamous Liebfraumilch - a wine for brain-dead zombies and those who fancy becoming one. The second choice is a Kabinett from Sainsburys that is actually drinkable.