Fürst Hohenlohe-Oehringen, Verrenbergerer Verrenberg "Butzen", Lemberger trocken 2007

Fürst Hohenlohe-Oehringen, Verrenbergerer Verrenberg "Butzen", Lemberger trocken 2007

The winery Fürst Hohenlohe-Oehringen has already impressed the distinctly non-aristocratic wine rambler with its marvellous top-of-the line red "Ex flammis orior". And the Lemberger red wine grape of Württemberg, as our regular readers know, is no other than Austria's and Hungary's Blaufränkisch. In the new spirit of german patriotism summoned by german liberal democrat and possible future foreign (!) minister Guido Westerwelle, who refused to answer an english question from a BBC reporter with the witty and adroit words: "Wir sind ja hier in Deutschland", we should probably not even tell you that. So, let's turn to a german wine from a thoroughly german grape:

With a nice bright pinot-noir-like red colour, this has a fresh nose of sour cherries and juniper, fresh green wood. In the mouth, it seems lighter than it is due to the fresh acidity, distinctly spicy again, but it has fine-grained tannins and, I think, a very light touch of oak that makes it long and round. The next day, some sweet herbal notes and some clove had rounded it out even further.

A spicy, fresh, but also mouthfilling red, this is comparable to Cabernet Franc from the Loire and of course to the more traditional austrian Blaufränkischs, like those from Uwe Schiefer, Hans Nittnaus or the Moric winery. This should go well with dried ham or speck, but also with venison, especially if some juniper is part of the sauce.

Unfortunately, this wine is too good to use it to sneak in another reference to german politics. That being said, someone should definitely acquaint Guido Westerwelle with the Little German. I have a feeling they would get along wonderfully.


Submitted by torsten Wednesday, 07/10/2009

In case you had not had enough of German politics, why not follow our (soon to be?) Foreign Secretary Westerwave, ah, -welle, on Twitter? http://twitter.com/westerwave/ Having said that, we can probably not expect to hear very much wine talk there.

But then who knows? Westerwelle was born in Bad Honnef within spitting distance of the Rhine. There are a few well respected wineries within cycle distance, one among them that may very well have inspired the young Guido: Weingut Adeneuer. If the German uber-chancellor Adenauer was a role model for young Guido I am not sure, but I wonder if there are more wineries that could re reviewed from a political point of view. After all, Adeneuer seem to focus almost exclusively on red wine... A secret message? I don't know and I never had one of their wines. Their Pinot Noirs got some excellent reviews, for instance the 2007 Walporzheimer Gärkammer (I will resist the urge for a bad pun here).

Anyway, it seems yet again I missed an interesting wine from my home state of