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Submitted by torsten Tuesday, 12/07/2011

Well, Julian and I had actually tried Proschwitz wines before, at a wine tasting in Munich. At the time we liked the wines, but felt that other producers had wines of equal, if not better quality for sometimes considerably less on show. So I was very curious to see if drinking a wine with a little more time at home - I am a slow taster and like time before I come to a verdict - would give a different impression. I would also have bought any other Saxonian wine at the airport shop, because I had been thinking for a while how to make good on our New Year's resolution - none of the merchants I buy from sells Saxonian wine, and ordering a whole case from one producer was not what I was after... So this was rather lucky, despite the inflated price - and you would think booze is cheaper at duty free, but turns out it is more expensive than at a wine merchant.

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