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Submitted by torsten Monday, 11/11/2013

In reply to by S.M.

Thank you for your comment and kind words, Solomon. Rheinhessen is indeed dominated by Riesling and MT, although that is true for most of Germany. Silvaner is also quite popular there. Grauburgunder should be around 4% of the vineyard area in Rheinhessen, so while not exactly common it is also not rare. You may have come across it under the name "Ruländer".

It is interesting that you mention Alto Adige and Trentino; some of the most enjoyable Italian wines, including the only Pinot Grigios that I really liked, I have tasted are from these regions (not to say that the others are bad, quite the opposite, I just like the style, especially Alto Adige). I seem to remember that Marks and Spencer in the UK actually stock a Pinot Gris from Alto Adige; they definitely sell an Alto Adige Riesling.

Let us know about future adventures with Pinot Grigio/Gris!

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