Wine Rambler ethics

Wine Rambler ethics

The Wine Rambler is not a commercial project. Rambling about wine, getting in touch with other wine lovers and learning a lot in the process is reward enough. We don't work in the wine trade, we don't have adverts or sponsored links on the website and we categorically never publish paid-for reviews. If we recommend a wine, it is because we have enjoyed it and would happily serve it to friends.

For the wines we review - and almost all of them we have paid for like everyone else -, we do give the source and the price range. This is to give you an idea how much the wine cost and where you may find it. We don't receive any commission from the wine merchants or wineries. Full stop.

We do accept samples for review - wine, books or related products. The following rules apply:

  • Each review will clearly state that we received the wine or product as a free sample.
  • Unless agreed otherwise beforehand we do not guarantee that we will review the wine or product or when we will do it.

Do not let these rules put you off - we are actually nice people and keen to feature interesting wine and winemakers, and we do also write about tastings and other events we attend. It is exactly for this reason that we feel we should be clear about how this works on our site. Transparency is crucial.