Edition Fritz Keller, Spätburgunder 2007

Edition Fritz Keller, Spätburgunder 2007

Nicely transparent cherry red colour (good. No tampering and pampering by adding juice from more colour-intensive grape varieties here)
This wine smells seriously good - a real pinot nose of raspberries, sour cherries, and a hint of manure (which is also good - embrace it).
The taste does not quite keep the smell's promise, as it has fairly light red berry fruit and strong, slightly disharmonic acidiy. With some oak, and also some rustic tannins in the background, this is no crowd pleaser, but a typical basic german pinot with some rough edges and some character. Like it's white twin, it developed favourably on the second and third day in the opened bottle.

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Submitted by Caroline Monday, 22/06/2009

Will see if Aldi here in London have this and at what price, as it sounds quite like my 'cup of tea'. Impressed with the drinking of wines over three days, they don't tend to last that long here!