Neumeister, Gelber Muskateller, Steirische Klassik, 2007

Neumeister, Gelber Muskateller, Steirische Klassik, 2007

In some ways, the biggest surprise about this wine was that the grape I know as Gelber Muskateller (yellow muscat) seems to be know to English speakers as Muscat blanc à petits grains. Does that mean the wine is unexciting or boring? Not at all.

Pale colour with a greenish touch, still lots of small bubbles, almost algae-like at first. A fresh nose dominated by floral, herbal notes with a decent bit of elderflower and some fruitiness. In the mouth the wine is much drier than you would expect it after that intense floralness, but it still packs a nice bit of fresh acidity, combined with elderflower and some bitter apple.

Went quite well with, I am not ashamed to admit it, fish fingers and potatoes with lemon butter. I also liked the finish that almost had a boiled candy quality too it - not unpleasant, rather this kind of feeling that you had a well-rounded smooth juicy something in your mouth that now only exists as an almost physical memory.

A great summer wine that will delight you, but it lacks the depth or character to be truly memorable.