Salwey, Spätburgunder Weißherbst, RS trocken, 2008

Salwey, Spätburgunder Weißherbst, RS trocken, 2008

Weißherbst, literally 'white autumn', is a special German style of rosé. Basically, it involves red grapes done in white wine style, but the grapes can only be of one variety. The grapes do also have to be sourced from the same area. In the case of the Salwey RS wines - Reserve Salwey - they do actually come from the same vineyard and are of late harvest quality.

The Salwey Weißherbst comes from sun-kissed Baden, and it has been matured in oak barrels. I did not tell that to my friends who tasted it blind, which resulted in an interesting description of the wine's bouquet - that it was a rosé they could clearly see, of course.

Bethan started with saying the wine smelled of tennis balls, but soon the others added rubber and cold custard to the mix. I also got an earthy mineral, almost smoky, and then there were nut flavoured, herbal red berries. And a flavoursome toastiness, but only a hint.

On the tongue a wine that is different from the sweeter rosé wines you'd find in many supermarkets. Sure, it is a little floral with juicy fruit, but it also has a good mix of fresh acidity, fine tannins and mineral, all ending in a good finish with spicy, herbal, oaky and mineral notes.

A more serious style of rosé with a little substance, but polished enough to be easy to drink. Pleasing, but not so much a crowd pleaser; rather a wine for food and conversation than for party chatter.


Submitted by Alex Monday, 13/12/2010

That's really a funny analogy. Right into the top 10 of my favorite wine descriptions (Still have to experience it though). About the wine.. Personnaly, the term "Weissherbst" is such a turn-off. I know, one shouldn't be prejudiced and I already had some nice ones, but clearly, the better Rosés i Had were also called so. Greets

Submitted by torsten Monday, 13/12/2010

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Apparently, it helps if you play tennis a lot - for me it has been a while. I think my favourite description is still 'cocaine cut with brick dust' though... I don't drink rosé that often, I have to admit, but do sometimes like SB Weißherbst for being less in your face fruity.
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