Van Volxem, Saar Riesling, 2009

Van Volxem, Saar Riesling, 2009

The Van Volxem estate needs no introduction. The excellent Rieslings made by Roman Niewodniczanski (English speakers are invited to send us recordings of how you pronounce that name) don't require the endorsement of the humble Wine Rambler - although we are happy to give it, for what it is worth. Today though we are looking at an entry level Riesling from VV, the Saar Riesling. A hundred years ago Riesling from the Saar was amongst the most prestigious and expensive wines in the world. How about the 2009 basic Riesling from a winemaker dedicated to restore the Saar to its former glory?

Only moments after uncorking the bottle I knew that we had winner. The bouquet screams fruit, fruit in many varieties in fact - dried fruit, caramelised fruit, exotic fruit (papaya and co), also candyfloss and, most importantly, a good dosage of dusty mineral.

The palate too features lots of fruit, mostly ripe, exotic fruit, but also steely mineral and a lively, apple-y acidity. Despite all this fruit the Riesling has a surprisingly dry finish that is dominated by crisp mineral.

This vibrant, lively Riesling has great balance. It is not only very morish, it also punches way above its weight as far as the excellent value is concerned. Go and get some now, you will not regret it.


Submitted by ponotet Monday, 20/12/2010

Also one of my favourite. Great value indeed!

Submitted by torsten Monday, 20/12/2010

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Thanks for your comment. I liked previous vintages of this wine, but the 09 is really fantastic.