When the ladybird came for Riesling

When the ladybird came for Riesling

With the "wedding of the century" taking place this week, London is invaded by all sorts of visitors. Some have spent a fortune on looking good on tv, others will have spent their money on getting here to watch them. That much I expected, and also that I would encounter more than the odd random stranger in town - but not that one of them would come into my house uninvited. Luckily, my guest needs no money to look good, does not behave disorderly after a few drinks and is perfectly capable of enjoying a glass of Riesling in silence.

So it was not quite the tiger who came for tea, but still a colourful guest - the ladybird who came for Riesling.

After I had awoken my guest, who slept cuddled against the base of a Riedel glass left on the coffee table...

...she set out to have a taste of wine.

Luckily, my guest was not at all camera-shy and was happy to have me follow her on her mission.

who does not wish to jump inside the wine glass on occasion?
who does not wish to jump inside the wine glass on occasion?

It was one of those occasions when we not-so-talented photographers wish we could strike a deal with the weather gods for better light - or alternatively that someone had presented us with a fast macro lens last Christmas. Maybe I need to help myself here...

...for when my surprise visitor returns the next time.

Submitted by Julian Sunday, 01/05/2011

How charming, nothing could be cuter and more harmless than a ladybird *turns to camera #2*, OR COULD IT? There is a nasty rumour going round that a plague of ladybirds (!) tainted the 04 vintage in burgundy with their sexual signalling chemicals, as reported by a well-informed comment by Andrew Connor here. I hate to be the fearmonger, but are you sure that you were not scouted out or - god forbid - sexually signalled by your visitor in preparation of an attack on your wardrobe?

Submitted by torsten Monday, 02/05/2011

In reply to by Julian

An interesting thought. Usually it is my putting forward the conspiracy theories, but if someone else suggests it... If this is indeed part of an attack on London's most secure wine wardrobe it would have to be planned for a long, long time - I have had ladybirds living inside my hollow window frames for a while now (or rather hiding in there from the London winters). So maybe they are now ready to step things up a little. So probably best to drink some more wine in order not to have it fall into enemy hands then!