wine merchants

Reviews of wine merchants, online and offline, that we have visited. If you want to know where and how we tend to source the wines we drink, check out the <a href="/sources">sources section</a>.

Wine Rambler-approved german wine merchants: (3) Weinhandelshaus Scholzen

Product Range: Fairly comprehensive on the South of France, Italy and Spain, good on Germany, a small selection of the rest. Interesting older wines (Bordeaux, Languedoc) at very fair prices come up from time to time.

Pricing: Fairly unbeatable.

Wine prose: None to speak of. Wine descriptions mostly just cite journalist rankings and points. But that's ok, no Parker hypocrisy either.

Upsides: Very competitive prices. The range of wines under 6 € is exceptional, and - as far as I can say - very decent throughout. Since prices are mostly cheaper even than in supermarkets, shipping included, you can stock up on everyday wines without regrets.

Wine Rambler on the road: Washington DC

This is not actually a posting about American wine, or any wine for that matter. It is more about how assault rifles and the Sabbath conspired against me bringing you a story from wine heaven.

It was all well thought out. Go to Maryland for a few days of work and use the chance to do some sightseeing in Washington. And to visit a few wine shops there and bring back some interesting stories. So this Sunday morning I left my hotel armed with a few maps, recommendations for places to visit and a list of potentially interesting wine merchants in DC. And an invitation to have dinner in Virginia to try some of the swag.

Schneider's of Capitol Hill

Wine Rambler-approved german wine merchants: (2) K & U

Product range: Europe, and a bit of the world. Very good covering of France and, unusually in Germany, California. Ambitious and original range of biodynamic and all sorts of alternatively made wines. Fairly great turnover, as the program is remade every two or three years and producers no longer worthy of the concept are ditched mercilessly.

Some wine merchants seem to be a little confused

The other day I opened a bottle of a lovely Pinot Blanc from Markus Molitor's winery. After a little search online I found two wine merchants who have this wine in their online catalogue. One of them was the Alpe Adria Weindepot in Austria.

I emailed them, only to get a reply saying that it was a) too difficult to deliver wine to the UK; b) too expensive (even though that should be the customer's decision, I think); and that c) they specialised in Austrian and Italian wine and could therefore not offer this one.