Wine Rambler Music Hour: Doc Watson

Wine Rambler Music Hour: Doc Watson

Thought it'd be nice to have some music here from time to time, to go with all that wine. And it's my great honour to have a real legend of American music open this segment: This charming little video captures the great folk musician Doc Watson in a guitar maker's workshop, obviously trying out a new instrument. "Telling my troubles to my old guitar" is just a harmlessly swinging Chet Atkins tune. But in Doc's off-the-cuff-version, this becomes a little marvel of thumping guitar strings and stoic perfection.

And I dare say my co-rambler Torsten will enjoy the little hint of a yodel at the end.

Submitted by torsten Thursday, 02/07/2009

Harmless? I think this is a marvelous example of how low-key is not harmless at all. And you are right about the yodel. Not much in music beats yodel.

Now that we are talking music, I just have to post this infamous song about Chardonnay. I am not saying it is great or anything and I would also like to warn you: you might not be able to get this out of your head anytime soon. Here goes:

Submitted by Sabine Thursday, 02/07/2009

In reply to by torsten

Someone kept singing it in our kitchen.

It's hard to imagine that there could be a good song about Riesling.
It's a shame.