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Andreas Laible, Riesling Spätlese trocken "An der Kapelle" 2007

Tastes deeply, most interestingly of fleshy peach, tart , very cool somehow, herbal, but also of spicy vegetables (artichokes?). Very promising.

Very dry in the mouth, noble Riesling fruit with perfect acidity and great mineral after-taste, but this wine's signature is the 'cool' feeling on the palate, Gletschereis-Bonbons, you know them, and an almost sharp herbal intensity. It's like a herbal tincture on overheated skin.

The great wine lyricist Stuart Pigott once described a Laible Riesling as "a dragon breathing cold tarragon fire", by which he nailed it right down and showed why he is a great wine lyricist.

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