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Submitted by torsten Wednesday, 07/12/2011

Thank you all for your comments, gentlemen. I am very happy you enjoyed this even more so as I wrote this with one of the worst colds ever and hence without a glass of wine by my side (let's not start the argument whether writing needs alcohol, although the journalist in our group might have something to say about it).

@Aex, yes, you should visit. I'd particularly recommend getting Michael to show you around the vineyard and explain his approach. It was one of the most passionate "meet the winemaker" experience I have had and very different from some of the marketing pitches you get at wineries that have "professionals" run their tasting room.

@Simon, I agree, although Königsmühle also left a lasting impression, albeit for other reasons (not bad ones, I hasten to add). If you need help drinking those wines (I travelled hand-luggage only and could not take any), you know where to find a friendly assistant.

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