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Submitted by torsten Friday, 20/07/2012

In reply to by Julian

Excellent idea. Although to be fair I had five 2011 Rieslings last week at the St. Urbans-Hof 2001 vs 2011 vintage tasting... Anyway, what shall we say? A fabulous vintage, a vintage of the century, even better than the 2010, and a must buy! -- that is one standard way of praise used by certain people I could name. The other, pretending to be more serious, would be that even 2011 had its problems and tells the good winemakers (the ones we drink/recommend of course) apart from the bad (read: not using slow wine making techniques). Or we could say...

To make a more serious comment: I like what I have tasted so far. Wines are already drinking well, good acidity but not as prominent as 2010 - and there is also more of it around this year!

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