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Loosen Brothers, Riesling Dr. L., 2008

The experiment of drinking British supermarket wine has been a disappointment, especially in the cheaper range the Wine Rambler has ventured into so far. Now I am back to drinking supermarket wine, but this time it is a little pricier, crossing the £6 barrier. Dr. Loosen is one of Germany's leading winemakers and very successful at selling in Britain too - Sainsburys stock the more expensive Kabinett and this entry level wine. And what can I say? This is the best wine I bought from a British supermarket below £8 so far.

So what do you get from Sainsburys for almost seven quid? A very drinkable, off-dry wine that just seems to evaporate from your glass. It has mineral and lots of peach, with a nice and fresh lemon acidity, a hint of spiciness and just the right level of bitter to balance it all. Do not expect deep deep flavours or unusual character, but do expect a very drinkable and nicely balanced wine that has no flaw whatsoever, but a lot to recommend it. If you want a pleasant, fruity and easy to drink light white wine you will not go wrong with the Dr. Loosen.

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