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Submitted by David Strange Thursday, 28/01/2010

I've had a few oak-influenced Pinot Gris (I drink more of the Alsace flavour of this variety than the Italian) wines; they can be downright odd. Andre Ostertag's offerings of this vinous weirdness are occasionally attractive when young, but lose that charm quite quickly. Jean-Michel 'Bonkers Person' Deiss has made some largely Pinot Gris based blends that have seen oak and I can only say I found these to be badly made (often oxidised) at best and quite horrible when they are not oxidised. All these wines have been more expensive than this one you review, so it could well be that upping the cost of the oak treatment is not the way forward with Pinot Gris.

Still, many thanks for this review, it sounds quite interesting for a German Grauburgunder. I'll be looking out for this producer's wines.

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