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Salwey, Sommer Cuvée, 2008

One day it will become summer again. And when that happens you will want to drink a wine like this one here - or at least you should. The aptly named 'Sommer Cuvée' ('Sommer' being German for 'summer') is one of the basic wines of the Salwey winery. They make it from 95% Silvaner and 5% Riesling, two grapes the Wine Rambler loves. Together, they produce a light and fresh wine that is just a pleasure to drink.

The Sommer Cuvée has a, for the price surprisingly, focussed nose, lots of peaches with some exotic fruit (pineapple?) and apple. There is also lots of mineral to enjoy, which makes for a pleasant mixture. On the palate, the Cuvée has more fruit, especially apple; it is also quite citrusy with coppery minerality and a good lime finish with juicy moments; a decent amount of acidity makes it very fresh.

The Winesleuth, who joined me for the fun last Friday, described it as 'well made, like a laser beam'. Seriously, I have not had that many wines in this price range that were so well cut. It remains a simple wine, without being in the least pretentious, but it is so very well structured.

I could say more about it, but excessive rambling would just not be appropriate for a wine that achieves so much without saying a word. A 'simple' wine in the best sense of the word, not simple at all, but straight to the point. Go and drink it. Now. Or when it gets warm again.

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