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Salwey, Riesling RS trocken, 2008

If it comes to the Salwey winery, we have so far mostly sampled their range of excellent Pinots - Noir, Gris/Grigio and Blanc. Located in the warmest area of Germany, the volcanic Kaiserstuhl in the South West, the Salwey vineyards are very well suited for growing Pinot. As it turns out, they also make good Riesling there, and I had one of them recently with a nice piece of fish and English asparagus.

The "RS" stands for "Reserve Salwey" and indicates that it is a wine in the medium quality range, above the entry-level/Kabinett wines and below the premier cru level. Technically, it is a Spätlese (late harvest) wine, but made in dry style (that's the 'trocken' on the label).

If you think that late harvest and sun-kissed Kaiserstuhl add up to a heavy wine you would definitely be wrong. This is an almost elegant, lighter Riesling with floral aromas and an overall light and pleasantly fresh nose with some typical mineral and citrus fruit. It is also easy to drink, with pleasant acidity and a vibrant freshness, a good structure and a medium to long finish, leaving you with a soft citrus tingle on your gum.

This Riesling should work well with lighter foods such as white fish (provided you stay away from heavy sauces) and will also make a good entertainer on a spring or summer's eve.

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