Lukas Krauß, Silvaner Kabinett trocken, 2008

Lukas Krauß, Silvaner Kabinett trocken, 2008

Lukas Krauß, 21 years old, is a winemaker, no that's wrong, he is, proudly, a wine grower („Weinbauer“) from the Pfalz. And not the most prestigious part of the Pfalz, either. He is not listed in many wine guides nor will you have heard his name dropped in the wine blogosphere. But if you, like the wine rambler, are sometimes tired of the visual soft pornography and the worn out old clichés that are wine marketing, and want something that is personal, honest, stylish and funny, here is a name for you to remember, and here also is a site for you to look at:

We liked him instantly, and you will soon hear more from Lukas on the wine rambler, something that we look forward to very much.

For these reasons, we thought that a blind tasting „against“ another Silvaner would be appropriate to offset any favourable bias that your correspondents might be susceptible to. And it's fair to say that against an opponent of superior pedigree and more ambitious pricing, Lukas Krauss' juicy Silvaner more than held his own:

Surprisingly light straw colour.

In the nose, some ripe apples and hay, quite open and concentrated.

The mouthfeel, too, is dominated by ripe apple and pear fruit, a little peach as well, hay and herbal notes, relatively low acidity (in the context of the pairing) and a fairly long, lingering finish.

Well done. More to come, no doubt.