Lukas Krauß, Silvaner trocken, 2009

Lukas Krauß, Silvaner trocken, 2009

Our friend Lukas Krauß needs no introduction here, so let's get straight to the breaking news:

*Lukas Krauß 09 collection of whites is out * Wine Rambler to review 09 Silvaner *

Pale straw colour. The smell is surpisingly powerful. It seems a little conventionally fruity at first, until you make out components: Ripe apple, mango, a little nutmeg. Big, creamy and slightly nutty in the mouth, with even a hint of oak in the finish. With its very round and concentrated fruit, this will please those who like the more "international", fuller-bodied whites, as well as those who (like us) think that german whites should go there from time to time, too. Lest this should sound like faint praise from us declared regionalists at the Wine Rambler, make no mistake: Lukas Krauß does all this without leaving Silvaner's roots behind. The apple and the chalky earthiness that we have come to expect are nicely woven in, and they will probably get more prominent as the wine matures. Highly recommended.


Submitted by Sabine Saturday, 01/05/2010

In reply to by Christian G.E…

I'd like to have a Teschke Silvaner. Just to see if his (manieristic?) individualism matches his wines. He has his own "Prädikatsärsche" (don't ask) classification for his "Sylvaners" (of course, the "y"), and is the author of ex..travagant lyric:

bin ich nichts oder bin ich doch?
Ist das denken nicht ein wunderbar, endlos schwarzes loch?

Is this Teschke's silvaner talking?

Submitted by torsten Sunday, 02/05/2010

It seems he did it again. As it happens, we tried the Krauße Schwarzer again this Friday with a few international wine friends who all approved of it. As soon as I have some more space in my wine cellar, I will have to resupply on Silvaner.