Von Othegraven, Riesling trocken, 2007

Von Othegraven, Riesling trocken, 2007

This Riesling from yet another Mosel tributary, the Saar, has a very understated smell, in fact, apart from a little ripe grape and mineral hints, it has little smell at all.

The taste is all ripe fruit as well, "yellow" taste, sweet ripe grapes again, dried herbs, some honey, fairly concentrated. This is a very ripe and smooth style of Riesling, very well made I'm sure, and great for people who can't have too much acidity, but frankly, I was looking for something a bit livelier, and this seems prematurely aged somehow.

This is not a summer wine. Very likely the "boring"-ranking will seem very unfair once I've tried the second bottle of this on some chilly october day. But right now, it didn't work for me.


Submitted by torsten Thursday, 02/07/2009

We, however, just had another bottle of the 2007 Haart Spätlese and that was just delicious and perfect for the hottest day of the year in London.