Who is blogging about German wine?

Who is blogging about German wine?

Every once in a while, people ask me who else is blogging about German wine. In English. There are a few others, I say, but not many. Obviously, there are German wine bloggers - but most write in German - and then there are many wine bloggers who occasionally write about German wine - among many other topics. But bloggers dedicated to the topic of German wine? Not many, as far as I can see. Or perhaps there are, but we don't know them. To end this dreadful state of uncertainty, I have decided that the world needs another list: English language blogs on German wine. And I would like to ask for your help in expanding it and keeping it up-to-date.

To make a start, I have put together a short list of blogs that I frequent, and I would like to invite you to email suggestions about blogs to include.

What I am looking for are wine blogs that are

  • dedicated to German wine or with a significant proportion of related content,
  • active for at least three months and also updated over the past three months,
  • written in English,
  • and contain more than just a handful of postings on German wine

I may change these criteria as we go along, depending on how the list grows, and I would appreciate your feedback on whether they need changing. I will also keep an eye on the list and update it if and when blogs become inactive. I have also decided, for now, to divide the list into two groups, blogs that make German wine their mission, and those with a significant part of their postings on German wine. I may revise the second group or include it in the first, depending on how things develop.

Blogs dedicated to German wine

Blogs that post extensively on German wine

  • Barry's Wine Notes & Memories, the blog of another Englishman living in Germany who regularly reviews German (and Austrian) wine
  • Blind Tasting Club, is a general wine blog written by Alex Haller in English and German with a particular focus on German wine
  • Der Kellermeister, German for cellarmaster, is the blog of Uwe Kristen - a German dedicated to Riesling
  • Rockss and Fruit, does not actually have German wine as its mission statement, but for many months Lyle Fass has dedicated himself to the topic
  • Schiller-Wine, written by Christian Schiller, a German living in the US, covers a range of wine topics, but is very strong on German wine
  • Stuart Pigott's Planet Wine, a blog written by one of Germany's most visible wine writers, is mostly dedicated to Riesling in all its glory

Blogs that are now inactive/dormant

  • Nancy on Wine, is the blog by Nancy, a rep for German wine, who covers a range of topics and has much on Germany and German wine
  • Vinum diligo, Heike Larsson explores German wine from the Pfalz resgion

If you want to suggest wine blogs to add to this list, please email us. I want to keep the comments on this page to a discussion of the list as such and keep it from becoming a long list of comments with links that would not be very easy to use, so please don't post comments promoting blogs.

Thanks for all the suggestions I have received via Twitter and email. I will keep updating this as suggestions come in!

last updated 15th June 2014

Submitted by Alex Wednesday, 22/06/2011

Yes the world needs this list, as much as the world needs Riesling!:=) Thanks Winerambler!

Submitted by Heike Thursday, 30/06/2011

Thank you for mentioning my blog too! :)

Soon I hope to be writing a lot more exciting news, once our house in the vineyards is finished....

Cheers & Prost!